One notable addition is the new IFP KP600 MAX washing machine, which we have been using for several months. This machine has propelled us forward in cleaning and degreasing operations for both sheet metal and over-moulded parts (see an overview of our activities here).

The standout feature of this washing machine is its vacuum treatment cycle, which covers all stages, including washing, drying, deodorization, and distillation. The ability to utilize the latest generation of modified alcohols as cleaning agents (non-toxic in nature) has had a positive impact. It reduces risks for operators, who remain protected even during solvent evaporation for filter cleaning, and contributes to a safer environment. Furthermore, the inclusion of a larger washing chamber, customizable basket sizes, and automatic loading and unloading systems have significantly accelerated the entire cycle, reducing treatment times to 20-30 minutes.

The IFP KP600 MAX plant offers additional cleaning methodologies as options, such as ultrasound, evaporation, and basking. These methods can be activated simultaneously to cater to specific customer requirements. The results have been remarkable, with the washing department’s production capacity more than tripling, significant cost reductions, and higher-quality output. This has allowed Sacel Group to regain competitiveness in this type of operation.

Sacel’s evolution is an ongoing process of continuous improvement, incorporating professionals, machines, and technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, the market, and the industry.