Modello 231


The care and attention that Sacel Group dedicates to research and develop state-of-the-art machines, professional resources, and production processes is equally extended to the adherence to procedures and compliance with industry standards. On one hand, this commitment reflects one of our core values, operating in accordance with regulations while promoting inclusivity, well-being, and sustainability. On the other hand, it embodies our purpose to meet the market or regulatory bodies standards, impacting all aspects of our operations, from personnel management to legislative compliance. This is an essential step in earning the trust of our customers.


In this context, Model 231, a comprehensive set of protocols governing the company’s structure and the management of sensitive processes, plays a pivotal role. When properly applied, it significantly reduces the risk of legal infractions. It also serves as a guiding framework for all our employees and collaborators. To ensure compliance with Model 231, we have established a supervisory body comprising external technicians and experts, alongside a new code of ethics.


Furthermore, our commitment to safety and the well-being of our workforce has driven us to pursue certification under the 2018 UNI ISO 45001 standard, titled “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.” This standard aligns with our ongoing accreditation efforts and strengthens our safety and health culture across the organization. Beyond mere regulatory compliance, this certification represents an added value that Sacel offers to our customers and suppliers. Our unwavering dedication to enhancing safety and worker protection led us to embark on the ISO 45001 certification journey. Through this process, we are implementing an integrated management system in which every facet of our business operations is interconnected and contributes to elevating quality across all levels.