Sacel Group’s most recent and significant acquisition is the Stampack Xpress software, developed by the German company Stampack and distributed in Italy by Vision Forming Solutions. Stampack Xpress is a simulation program designed for deep-drawing dies, step dies, and transfer dies used in the production of components made from sheet metal, steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, and metal alloys. When integrated into the CAD design phase, the software enables engineers to conduct “preventive” validation of their design assumptions. This allows for early detection of any issues, feasibility challenges, and component compliance. Furthermore, the software proves invaluable in refining our business offers and quotations, providing detailed feedback to address customer requests, and discussing potential changes, corrections, and alternatives before initiating any moulding trials.

One of Stampack Xpress’ main features, aside from its intuitive interface, is the “Solid Simulation,” a 3D rendering that accurately displays part volumes. This feature is essential for identifying potential deformations or surface irregularities that could compromise the mechanical properties or performance of the components. In essence, the software’s virtual environment facilitates process optimization and validation, leading to improved competitiveness for Sacel. Additionally, the software helps reduce costs associated with moulding trials, material waste, and energy consumption.