The company


We are a company with clear ideas and specific skills. Our main activity is stamping every kind of metal sheet and plastic, and encapsulation, with over-moulding lines. In over 40 years of work, our customers have pushed us to become involved also in what immediately surrounds our core business, which focuses on tools and components. We made their challenges our challenges; we tackled them and were successful: that is why today we are the best partner for supplying personalized and complete solutions.

We don’t work for you, we work with you.

First of all, we listen to you. Then, together with you, we find the most appropriate way to satisfy your needs using a multidisciplinary method and specialized professionals. We design, engineer and optimize processes, production lines, single dies, automations and parts. We use different and continuously updated technologies, such as progressive dies, automated systems, laser welding.


We make the tools for your company to succeed in every project. We have the designers who will help you give shape to an idea, the engineers to create or improve production processes, and the technicians to set up, follow and certify each product.


Engineering applied to craftmanship, this is the polar star that drives our commitment. Know-how and new expertise, solid relationships and customer support, strategy and innovation: like a perfect mechanism, we take care of each aspect because we know it is the only way to stand out.


We have founded and constantly developed Sacel Group on two main values: people and passion.

People. The heart of a company is made up of people and the relationships that connect them, in each field. In Sacel Group, we believe in clear and transparent relationships: owners, workers, managers, colleagues know that they can count on each other. A choice, as a basis for the working environment, capable of enhancing every resource and promoting teamwork. This enables us to speak with our customer with a single voice, in order to find out solutions together with them. Unique, real and essential incentive to continuous evolution.

Passion. It is quality that holds together know-how and technology; that quality that we have constantly nurtured down the years; that same quality that we bring to each project. Always.



Sacel born as tool maker


Metal stamping production


Plastic injection production


Laser welding


Over-moulding production


SacelEst (Slovak plants) starts


SacelEst doubles Sacel Italy (all technologies)


Aesthetic parts production starts


Automation starting


A new plant in Mexico