Assembly and welding

In order to provide customers with an increasingly complete service and therefore also be able to deliver groups of parts in addition to individual pieces, Sacel is equipped with an assembly department with automatic lines, completely designed and built by the Sacel team dedicated to automation. , which is able to best integrate the technologies present within us.
The assembly process can be mechanical or by means of welding: laser and TIG.
The laser welding department has 4 welding systems with continuous and pulsed YAG and CO2 sources used for the assembly of parts with technical problems such as reduced thicknesses and narrow tolerances where the use of laser welding is crucial and has significant advantages .

The materials that can be welded using laser technology are:
To complete the area dedicated to laser welding, there are some projection welding systems and a robotic TIG welding system that allow Sacel to perform even the assembly of simpler parts.

Sacel is also able to carry out the manual assembly of some products. This type of processing is adopted above all for that type of not very complex parts that do not require a high level of control and automation and which very often are the completion of more elaborate processes.