Rototrasfer. What is it about? Easy! It is about the transfer system fully integrated in the progressive die. The new rotating transfer system realized by Sacel applies to a traditional stamping press for cold rolled sheet a “transfer” type system.

The application of the transfer is made by means of a simple set-up of a tooling built exclusively according to a shearing die; in this way it does not need a specific set-up. The advantages are: reduced set-up timings, use of the same presses used for progressive die stamping and the fact that is fully integrated in the tool.

The “transfer rotating” Sacel system

This system give the possibility to apply the transfer technology to the traditional progressive metal stamping process. In whatever step of the progressive die, the part could be detached from the stripe and transferred by means of pick up devices to the following working stations. The “transfer” process can be applied on a traditional mechanical press built up for progressive metal stamping without any kind of modification on the equipment.

Furthermore, the innovative system developed by Sacel, permit to detach the part from the stripe also after several progressive steps and this means that can be done only when it is necessary.

As shown by the picture below (click on the image to enlarge it), Rototransfer is composed by a star-shaped arm, where each extremity holds a pick-up hand to transfer the part from a station to the next one.

Each press stroke, when the die is opening, each pick-up hands, by making a complete rotation of the arm, move in order to be able to pick up the part and with a further movement of the arm to positioning it in the next station where the pick-up hand drop the part off in the correct position. After this, the arm turns back in its original position in order not to interfere with the stamping operations going on into the die.

Movements mechanics

The angular and vertical position of the positioning arm are controlled by cams system which are moved by a electrical motor placed in the lower part of the tool. The correct positioning of the parts  in the working stations by means of the pick-up hands is controlled and verified by several sensor which can interface with the control unit of the press itself using PLC. The same PLC controls and synchronize the electrical motor and the command valves of the pneumatic components.

The whole arm is positioned on the lower fix part of the tool.

Dimension “A” Support plate for tools [mm]  min 400 max 900*
 Dimension “B” Support plate for tools [mm]  min 400 max 900*
 Dimension “C” Support plate for tools [mm]  min 350*
 Number of supports/stations  N= mim. 3 max 10
 Angular Step [°]  PA = 360°/ N
Vertical Stroke [mm]  Z= max 20
 Support’s radius [mm]  R= min 180 max 300*
 Tempo di trasferimento [s]  Min 0.3 *
Transfer timings [s]  Linea 6-8bar
 Electrical connection of pick-up devices  Multipolar connector
* depends on the chosen configuration


Press interface with multipolar connect           Digital Signals I/O 12V, 24V, 110V, 230V
 Control System PLC Siemens  S7-200*
 AC Imput                                                                Single-phase 230 V – Three-phase 400 V


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