Custom made solutions

Sacel is working in the field of process automation, design and building of dies, engineering and production of precision parts since 35 years and it is able to offer for each of the mentioned categories custom made solutions according to the needs and cases that are submitted to our attention.

Thanks to a tight-knit and professionally experienced team, if you wish to concretize an idea or just want to set up the production of some parts in our production facilities, Italy or Slovakia, Sacel is able to identify your specific needs and to supply you with our services always with a special regards to quality-price ratio.

More often this way of working closely with the customer lead to a co-design process where the possibility to interact and develop solutions by marking critical points during design phase or following in the production process, can give as result a high added value to the whole project. For this reason Sacel is proud to assert that until now we have always been able to make profitable co-design processes by offering successful solutions to our customer.

Sacel offers a wide range of services which consent to produce the product with restrained costs without saving on the quality of the product.

Contact us or send us your drawing, Sacel will be glad to accept the challenge in order to find the best solution that can fulfill your requests!

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