Autel is the acronym of Automated End Line: The project, which has been entirely developed by Sacel’s team, consist in the study and the construction of an automatic system able to control and package the parts that can come from different production lines as for example assembly, metal stamping, plastic injection and over molding.

The goal of this innovation is without any doubt the increase of the quality of the production line and its consequent efficiency.

The advantages can be identified with at least three different key points:
FLEXIBILITY: the system must be able to control and package the parts with minimal set-up timings and restrained costs in order to be favorable also for small production batches. The system can be easily adapted to whatever kind of production line because it is very simple to be moved from one place to another one.

QUALITY WARRANTOR: the system is able to intercept whatever kind of deviations on the produced parts, with reference to the quality parameters set up (e.g. shape, dimensions etc.) with a minimum margin of error. The system can manage the encountered defects and can in this way support and ease the implementation of new tests in the program.

SAFETY: warrant the safety of the operator at 100%.

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